Issue TWO: Contents

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Holly Burnside | Of My Father
               I Was the Girl
Anthony Frame | What We Remember, What We Forget
              House Hunting, January 2009
Matt McGee | Jack & Jill FM
Jeffrey Alfier | The Color Wheel at The Green Stripe Lounge
                   Digging Out of Winter
                   Christmas Night, Just Ahead of the Storm Front
                    Between Ice and Grace
Tobi Cogswell | Meditation
                      Ode to Symmetry
Peter Kahn | Full
Steve Klepetar | The Hidden Guest
Ricki Mandeville | Girl in the Wall
                          Walking the Marina at Dusk
                          Tasting Rain
Gary Beck | Fond Pause
J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden | Sober Ghosts
Eric Cummings | Kinda Lost
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson | Late Winter Parallax
                                     Tree That Could Be Cut
Tammy Ho | Two fleeting flying lives
                       Reflecting rain
John Grey | A Connecticut Kid
Alice Friman | Mrs. Beasley's Supper
Tara Boraine | Please, Sir
Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory | To the man intent on living in a glass house
Nicholas YB Wong | Residues
                                    My Japanese Robot
Jen Kindbom | Nocturnal Pine
Peter Grieco | Angst
Jason Huskey | By the Busy Road
                           Soft Exit into Dawn

Kevin Heaton | Threshold of a Dream
Rachael Stanford | Lying in his bed
Maureen Donatelli | Winter, 1968
Laura Madeleine Wiseman | Life Sentence
Sonnet Mondal | Left Behind
Eric Cipriani | Grief
Karen Kelsay | How to Break a Northern Spell


Karen Lizon | Waiting for Moon
Paul Kavanagh | Product
Fred Skolnik | The Soccer Ball
Bob Davies | Chart
Phyllis Green | My Old Lawnmower
Sue Ann Connaughton | Blue Metal
Meg Tuite | Tap Dancing to Voltage
Christina Murphy | Steel-Grey Boundaries
Sean Pravica | To Speak of Wolves
Jake Christie | Tranquility
Lydia Suarez | The Flight of Monarchs
Maureen Wilkinson | The Man You Were
Gary Moshimer | Spring
Sienna Zeilinger | This is a War Story