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In this story we are old and proud 
in our slack skin and one-pieces 
on a rock coast of Chicago. 
With our gray hair, we are elegant 
animals gathering light.
You are telling me stories 
about your dead 
who are not us, not now—
a love taken by cancer, 
who left you wintered by grief 
for two summers
that are not this one. 
The wind is in love with us,
keeps teasing the pages 
of books that have been written
to buoy or bury us. 
You are laughing loud
because it is good 
for the lungs to laugh loud.
The years we spent licking
whiskey off our elbows until 
we collapsed into welcome mats,
never burned us down.
We are old enough to know to be good 
to our working lungs, our working 
legs, our working hearts, 
which have delivered us here,
to this beach, this city, 
this thinning side of happiness.



Edwards 10

Stevie Edwards is a poet, editor, and educator. Her first book, Good Grief, was released by Write Bloody Publishing in 2012, and subsequently received the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Bronze in Poetry and the Devil's Kitchen Reading Award. Her second book, Humanly, is forthcoming from Small Doggies Press in 2015. She is Editor-in-Chief at Muzzle Magazine and Acquisitions Editor at YesYes Books. Her poems have appeared in Verse Daily, Rattle, Indiana Review, Devil's Lake, Salt Hill, and elsewhere. She is a Lecturer at Cornell University, where she recently completed her MFA in creative writing.

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