Issue Ten: Contents

Editor's Note

Alexandra Teague | The Common Field
Jeff Whitney | Poetry
Philip Schaefer | Human Aviary
Sarah Fletcher | An Evening at The Crown
Sam Ross | Mise En Abyme
Naomi Hamilton | Fruition
Michael Robins | Highways to the Hills
Lindsay Daigle | Not-Reflection
Erin Stoodley | Baptism
Caroline Crew | Plastic Sonnet 38
Fritz Ward | Dear Machiavelli-Mouth
Brittany Cavallaro | from The Adventure of the Hooded Woman
Jeanann Verlee | Grime
Will Stockton | Sonnet for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Angela Voras-Hills | Maps of Places Drawn to Scale
Keegan Lester | The Topography of Woody Allen
Claudia Cortese | Next to Godliness
Brian Bender | Ghost
Stevie Edwards | Scheherazade
                              Lament with Rhinestones and Wonder

Zach VandeZande | Accord
Randall Brown | Caught
Josh Patrick Sheridan | What We Knew Then
Jackson Burgess | Haunt
Megan Walters | Lovesick, an adj., and other assorted definitions

The Good Stuff
Leila Chatti | Review of "Vulgar Remedies" by Anna Journey
Amanda Silberling | Review of "The New Testament" by Jericho Brown
Derick Edgren | A Narrative Conversation with Sarah Ruhl
Talin Tahajian | Review of "Best Bones" by Sarah Rose Nordgren
Lois Carlisle | A Conversation with Matthew Dickman
Peter LaBerge | Review of "Don't Go Back to Sleep" by Timothy Liu

Jenna Still | Fundens Ad Angulum
Mavis Figuls | Garcia Sans Cherry
Adam Spiegelman | Night Terrors
Marc Sexton | Pacemaker (Heart)
Jedidiah Gist | Whirl