Issue Eight: Contents

Editors' Note
Webstream - Release Reading


Lauren Berry | How to Take Your Medicine During a Recession
                          Renovation in the St. Cecelia School Gymnasium
Quinn White | Topography of Not
Matthew Wimberley | Common Birds
Rachel Stone | Albatrossed
James Grinwis | Time Formula
Rachel Marie Patterson | The Aquarium
Cheryl Julia Lee | How We Make Love
Kyle Michelson | The Judgment of Solomon
Mary Angelino | Hearsay III.
Lucy Wainger | Sexual History
Kathleen Radigan | Love Poem for Scarecrow
Emily Knott | Elegy Broadcast from the Top of a Radio Tower
Camara Brown | Shred
Jacques J. Rancourt | The Ordained
                                      Proof of Heaven

Erin Entrada Kelly | Josephine March Sighs With You
Christina Qiu | The Hubei Boys
Mary Sheffield | How to Keep Animals from Defecating in Your Closet
Madeleine Cravens | Girls and Boys: Growing Up in Four Parts
Mark Lundy | High school G.S.A. faces identity crisis
Lydia Weintraub | Progeny
Melissa Grunow | Binoculars
Z.Z. Boone | The Buddy System
Kathleen Cole | Photophobia

Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights Feature

Allen Chitsanzara | Wet Floors, Stained Walls
Tinashe Muchuri | Am I Not a Relative
Nyasha Sengavi | Starving Complacence
Interview with Robson Isaac Shoes Lambada

Carol Shillibeer | Bird on Industrial
Emma Hill | Release
Erika Suhr | Cemetery
Giulia De Francesco | Continual
Alex Zhang | Escape from Earth