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Caroline Fairey recently graduated from the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. Her work has been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and by her grandmother who used to teach English. Caroline’s work can be found in the Cardiff Review, Noble / Gas Qrtly, and Jellyfish Review. Currently, she attends the University of South Carolina Honors College, where she hopes to serve as Poetry Editor for The Lettered Olive, write for Garnet & Black, work in the Peer Writing Center, and generally rub her English major in everyone’s faces. In her free time, she reads, visits friends, and does homework. She has no free time.


Jaclyn Grimm lives in Orlando, Florida, where she is a senior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. Her writing has appeared in The Adroit Journal and decomP. When she’s not writing or trying to be funny on Twitter, she spends her time as an apprentice beekeeper. 


Jordan Harper is a senior at the Alabama School of Fine Arts where he edits Cadence, as well as an alum of the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio and Interlochen Arts Camp. His poetry and prose has been recognized by the Alabama Writers’ Forum and the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers; his work can be found in Best Teen Writing of 2015 and TRACK//FOUR. Hobbies outside of writing include meticulous dish washing and composing breakup playlists for relationships he's never had.


Heidi Kim is a high school senior from New York City. In the past, her work in literature and visual art has been nationally recognized by the Jack London Foundation and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. In an ideal world, she would like to raise a pair of good-natured dogs. In this one, however, she settles for watching 101 Dalmatians and lamenting her allergies.


Maddie Kim is a freshman at Stanford University. Her work has been recognized by the Norman Mailer Center, Princeton University, the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and the Adroit Prizes. She likes tap dancing and taking blurry photos of her dogs.  



Andrea Mendoza Perez is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where she studied English Lit in the Distinguished Majors Program. She was born in Venezuela; while English was not her first language, she's grown fond of it just the same. When she's not researching magical realist fiction for her thesis, she likes to read non-superhero comics and memorize song lyrics for fun.


Scott Szpisjak is a freshman at Vassar College from just outside DC. The pinnacle of his writing career was the production of a one act play he cowrote with fellow staff reader Aline Dolinh. It was about the FBI trying to convince everyone that the moon is fake and actually a soviet satellite. His writing has been featured in Grey Sparrow Journal, New Politics Magazine, Foliate Oak, and Solarpunk Press, among others.


Oriana Tang is a sophomore at Yale University. Her poetry and prose have been recognized by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the Poetry Society of the United Kingdom, and the Adroit Prizes, among others, and appear in The Best Teen Writing of 2014, PANK, The Sierra Nevada Review, Killing the Angel, and Winter Tangerine Review.  She is a 2015 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts and a 2015 Davidson Fellow in Literature. You can usually find her asleep face-down on her desk.


Anthony Veasna So is a gay “man,” a Cambodian-American “son,” and a recent graduate of Stanford University. A native of Stockton, CA, he was raised on stories of the Khmer Rouge Genocide that often, somehow, ended on a joke. His prose and comics have appeared or are forthcoming in BarrelhousedecomPHobart, Nashville ReviewNinth Letter Online, and elsewhere. Currently, he teaches high school English and dabbles with standup comedy. 


Tiffany Xie studies English and biology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She has an ongoing project wherein she writes an email every day and sends it to her friends. She also serves as an editor for the Humanities Board of the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research. She has a weakness for Steinbeck and Brahms. In her spare time, she occasionally experiments with cooking recipes stolen from the Internet.


Jackie Yang studies neuroscience and creative writing at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. She is a two-time national medalist in the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards and her work has appeared in The Best Teen Writing of 2014Mangrove Journal, and Nashville Review. She currently serves as the managing editor of The Miami Hurricane. In her spare time, Jackie eats good food and occasionally ventures out into the moral wasteland that is Miami.


Jay G. Ying is a medical student at the University of Edinburgh with an interest in transcultural psychiatry. His poetry has appeared The Adroit Journal, where he is currently working as a prose reader. In 2014, he was chosen to attend the Tower Poetry Summer School. An enthusiast for Weltliterature, he counts Derek Walcott, Mahmoud Darwish, and Ingrid Jonker amongst some of his current inspirations.