“Barista” by Lumi Barron

Barista” by Lumi Barron

“St Honore” by Lumi Barron

St Honore” by Lumi Barron

“The Flower Shop” by Lumi Barron

The Flower Shop” by Lumi Barron

“Uprooted” by Lumi Barron

Uprooted” by Lumi Barron

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Lumi Barron enjoys all art forms, from visual to music and dance, and is currently a freshman fine arts major at Carnegie Mellon University. She spends much of her time wandering around, sketching her surroundings, and sharing it on her blog. She aims to capture a snapshot of the moment she is experiencing in her sketches, and tell a story through her images. She has received multiple Gold Key Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, including a Gold Key and Silver Key for her Art Portfolios. See more of her sketches on Instagram @coffee_shop_adventures.