Issue Seven: Contents

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Denver Butson | Avalanche Café
                              The Sky Erotic
                              Rain's Idea of Cinema
                              Rain's House
Shawnte Orion | Reasons Critics Insist I Make a Terrible Poet and/or Husband
Katherine Ringley | Deja Entendu
Sarah Munger | When Bodies Meet Bodies
Brendan Todt | After Twister
J. Scott Brownlee | Hill Country Eulogy
Jim Davis | Harvest Poems by Carl Sandburg (translated from the original English)
Emma Townley-Smith | Dermatology
Da'Shawn Mosley | The Amphibious Sea
Claudia Cortese | Sangue Lacrimoso
Matthew Rohrer | Childhood Stories
Rochelle Hurt | Diorama of a Fire
                            The Language of Daughters
Sarah Stanton | Beijing Chill
Yasmin Belkhyr | Sink
Amber Rambhraose | On the Nights My Lover Dreams of Drowning
Brandon Courtney | Year Without Dusting
                                    Lions of Babylon
Ann McGonagall | Untitled #7
Michael Chitwood | Don't Complain
Aaron Anstett | Manos 84.13.72
Eszter Takacs | All of the quiet things at the bar are white
John Allman | Portrait
Emily O'Neill | Tonic for the Gibbous Moon
Alicia Lai | How to Videotape a Comet
Canese Jarboe | Lunar Sonnet
Tom Holmes | The Invention of Tattoos
Jules Wood | We Track Her Out the Door
Katy Rossing | Agreement
Victoria White | Hardening
Anne Germanacos | Stacks of colored pebbles
Isla Anderson | November
Michael Tyrell | All the Unreal Animals
Lily Shell | Court Street
Rachel Rose | Delivery Room Under Renovation
Steve Gronert Ellerhoff | The Hedgehog and the Lemon
Jane Springer | Dear Birds, Arkansas, New Years Eve
Rob Talbert | Recap and Apology
Ellen Bass | When You Return
Phillip B. Williams | Pivot and Hum
Nora Almeida | News Cycle Debris Poem
                           from The Nine-to-Five Sonnets [1]
                           from The Nine-to-Five Sonnets [3]


Danny Rothschild | I Am
Salena Casha | Otherland
Marlin Barton | Braided Leather
Kate Nesheim | Aviary
Thomas Kearnes | Yummy
Ned Vizzini | Strike a Chord
Jo-Anne Rosen | Liberating
Blake Kimzey | A Family Among Us
Matthew Ankeny | Little Oliva
BJ Hollars | The Changing


Colton Witt | Ripped Wings
                        A Symphony Inside His Head
Giulia De Francesco | Late Flock
Matthew Adelberg | The Accident
                                    The Deposition
Lathan Vargason | Map
                             Perfect Match
Esther Boller | Freezing Silence
Erin Ceconi | Transiency
Shelby Marcus | Young Love
Taylor Sahl | Where the Path Goes