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News Cycle Debris Poem



We are not coeval / With a locality / But we imagine others are
-George Oppen, "Of Being Numerous"


at the boundary
around makeshift up
buildings of a New York

running this      late-season almost winter
oasis number     
            an unremarkable 
            storm rose

the trees  decline

a recurring Atlantic      a freakish
            time coast show          

were swept away
found dead faced

were swept away
by contentious experts

in hurricane decades
through glass   

power blinked off          
precise body of an hour

the Atlantic was decades  

a murky vivid display
of mysteries notably
of greenhouse emphasized
of trouble seas the risks

the system environment
becoming area             

                        things typical of the middle      latitudes
            are rare enough

heavy are expectations
and atmospheric          
                                    wreckage without



Nora Almeida lives in Brooklyn where she works as a librarian and edits the art and poetry journal Staging Ground. Her chapbook, Houses (Dancing Girl Press), was released in 2011. Her poems have appeared in Shampoo, No Dear, Caketrain, and Otherrooms