W. Jack Savage, "A Shill Majesty," Issue Fourteen.

W. Jack Savage, "A Shill Majesty," Issue Fourteen.

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We are looking for writers who hope to critically transcend, question, investigate, and explore. If this sounds like you, please email editors@theadroitjournal.org with the following materials, depending on area of interest:

REVIEW: Writing sample of two critical reviews or essays with an English focus, as well as a resume/CV and three ranked choices from the following list of new, recent, or forthcoming releases.

INTERVIEW: One previous interview (scanned or online), as well as a resume/CV and three ranked choices from the following list of new, recent, or forthcoming releases.


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Note: An asterisk denotes a contributor to The Adroit Journal.


Ari Banias, "Anybody" (W.W. Norton 2016). 

Josh Bell, "Alamo Theory" (Copper Canyon Press, 2016). 

Adam Clay, "Stranger" (Milkweed Editions, 2016). 

*Claudia Cortese, "Wasp Queen" (Black Lawrence Press, 2016). 

*Adam Day, "Model of a City in Civil War" (Sarabande Books, 2016). 

Aracelis Girmay, "The Black Maria" (BOA Editions, 2016). 

*Jennifer Givhan, "Landscape with Headless Mama" (Pleiades Press, 2016). 

*Jennifer Givhan, "Protection Spell" (University of Arkansas Press, 2017). 

Rebecca Gayle Howell, "American Purgatory" (Eyewear Publishing, 2017). 

*Rochelle Hurt, "In Which I Play the Runway" (Barrow Street Press, 2016).

*Christopher Kempf, "Late in the Empire of Men" (Four Way Books, 2017). 

*Muriel Leung, "Bone Confetti" (Noemi Press, 2016). (REVIEW Only.)

*Caits Meissner, "Let It Die Hungry" (The Operating System, 2016). 

*Elizabeth Metzger, "The Spirit Papers" (University of Massachusetts Press, 2017). 

*Jenny Molberg, "Marvels of the Invisible" (Tupelo Press, 2017). 

Rosalie Moffett, "June in Eden" (The Ohio State University Press, 2016). 

*Emilia Phillips, "Groundspeed" (University of Akron Press, 2016). 

Dean Rader, "Self-Portrait as Wikipedia Entry" (Copper Canyon Press, 2017). 

*Jacques J. Rancourt, "Novena" (Pleiades Press, 2017). 

*Brynne Rebele-Henry, "Fleshgraphs" (Nightboat Books, 2016). (REVIEW Only.)

Max Ritvo, "Four Reincarnations" (Milkweed Editions, 2016). (REVIEW Only.)

Danniel Schoonebeek, "Trébuchet" (University of Georgia Press, 2016). 

*Charif Shanahan, "Into Each Room We Enter Without Knowing" (SIU Press, 2017). (REVIEW Only.)

*Natalie Shapero, "Hard Child" (Copper Canyon Press, 2017). 

*Ocean Vuong, "Night Sky with Exit Wounds" (Copper Canyon Press, 2016). 

*Natalie Wee, "Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines" (Words Dance Publishing, 2016).

*Amie Whittemore, "Glass Harvest" (Autumn House Press, 2016). 

*Joe Wilkins, "When We Were Birds" (University of Arkansas Press, 2016). 

*Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, "The Crown Ain't Worth Much" (Button Poetry, 2016). (REVIEW Only.)



*Dalton Day, "Exit, Pursued" (Plays Inverse, 2016). 

*Garth Greenwell, "What Belongs to You" (FSG, 2016). 

*Michelle Ross, "There's So Much They Haven't Told You" (Moon City Press, 2017). (REVIEW Only.)