RAISE YOUR GLASS: Adroit Meets Best New Poets 2018! / by Peter LaBerge

Congratulations to the fifty emerging poets selected by Kyle Dargan for Best New Poets 2018. We're incredibly excited about this list, and you should be, too. 

Special congratulations are in order for Destiny Birdsong, Kristin Chang, and T.J. McLemore, whose respective Adroit poems “ode to my body”, “Conversion therapy”, and “Desert Triptych” were selected for inclusion in this year's anthology.

We're cheering (loudly) for all fifteen Adroit writers selected for Best New Poets 2018:

Destiny Birdsong
Previous Poetry Reader / Contributor

Ellie Black
Poetry Reader

Anders Carlson-Wee

Kristin Chang
Contributor / Greg Djanikian Scholar in Poetry

Emily Rose Cole

Patrick Errington

Benjamin Gucciardi

Kathryn Hargett
Mentorship Alum / Contributor

Peter LaBerge
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Michael Lee

Elizabeth Lemieux
Mentorship Alum / Contributor

T.J. McLemore

Olatunde Osinaike
Poetry Reader

William Palomo

Meghann Plunkett
Poetry Reader / Contributor

Shakthi Shrima
Previous Poetry Reader

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