RAISE YOUR GLASS: Congratulations to the Adroit Class of 2017! / by Peter LaBerge

Every year, we at The Adroit Journal witness a brilliant class of high school seniors apply and head off to college. We're honored to share the matriculation list of this year's class of senior mentorship students and staff readers!

This year, the University of Pennsylvania snagged a whopping eight of our seniors, followed by Harvard University and Princeton University, which snagged seven and six Adroit students respectively.

In particular, we're proud to share that mentorship student Cassandra Hsiao ('16, Poetry) made international headlines this year as an admit to all eight Ivy League schools and Stanford. Read her touching, evocative application essay here.

We wish each of the below forty students the best as they embark on their next chapters, and hope they'll stay in touch! (We have a feeling they will.)


Sophie Allen (NY — '16, Poetry), University of Massachusetts - Amherst 

Nikita Bastin (CA — '16, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania 

Anjali Berdia (MD — '16, Fiction), University of Pennsylvania 

Caroline Bernstein (NJ — '16, Fiction), New York University

Letitia Chan (MA — '16, Poetry), Harvard University

Carissa Chen (NH — '15, Poetry), Harvard University

Annabelle Crowe (NC — '16, Poetry), Rice University 

Maya Eashwaran (GA — '15, Poetry), Princeton University

Sophie Evans (LA — '15, Poetry), Princeton University

Kindall Gant (LA — '16, Poetry), Sarah Lawrence College 

Michel Ge (MO — '16, Poetry), Deep Springs College 

Samuel Gee (SC — '16, Poetry), UNC Chapel Hill - Thomas Wolfe Scholar 

Reuben Gelley Newman (NY — '16, Poetry), Swarthmore College 

Julia Gourary (NY — '16, Fiction), Yale University

Alex Greenberg (NY — '15, Poetry), Harvard University

Alexandra Gulden (LA — '16, Fiction), Kenyon College 

Kathryn Hargett (AL — '15, Poetry), University of Alabama - Birmingham (Honors)

Cassandra Hsiao (CA — '16, Poetry), Yale University 

Elizabeth Kim (CA — '16, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania 

Anthony Lagana (PA — '16, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Lemieux (ME — '16, Fiction), University of Pennsylvania 

Katherine Liu (IL — '16, Poetry), Harvard University 

Patricia Liu (OK — '16, Poetry), Harvard University 

Noel Peng (CA — '16, Poetry), Princeton University 

Ben Read (WA — '15, Poetry), Reed College

Jae Haeng Rhee (TX — '16, Fiction), Cornell University 

Nicole Seah (Singapore — '16, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania 

Eliana Swerdlow (PA — '16, Poetry), Yale University 

Selin Turkyilmaz (IL — '16, Poetry), Colgate University 

Jamie Uy (Singapore — '15, Poetry), New York University - Abu Dhabi 

Alisa Wadsworth (NJ — '16, Fiction), University of Pennsylvania 

Emily Yin (MA — '16, Poetry), Princeton University 

Margaret Zhang (CA — '16, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania



Chloe Kim (MA — Poetry Reader), Stanford University 

Heidi Kim (NY — Prose Reader), Princeton University 

Paloma Ruiz (TX — Poetry Reader), Harvard University 

Justin Zhu (AZ — Editorial Assistant), Harvard University



Jordan Harper (AL — Prose Reader; Fiction Mentee, '16), Emory University - Oxford College 

Rachel Litchman (IL — Poetry Reader; Poetry Mentee, '16), University of Wisconsin - Madison


We love you all so much! Congratulations!