RAISE YOUR GLASS: Adroit Meets the 2016 Teen Sequins! / by Peter LaBerge

Congratulations to the summer mentorship students and staff members recognized by Gigantic Sequins' 2016 Teen Sequins feature! We're so thrilled to work together with Gigantic Sequins to support teen writers and facilitate mentorship and dialogue between established and emerging writers. 

We're over the moon for this year's batch of Teen Sequins! We're especially thrilled that all winners are members of the Adroit community. 

Carrie Zhang, New Jersey, Age 14 - "Home"

Aidan Forster, South Carolina, Age 15 - "Cistern"

Ben Read, Washington, Age 16 - "Barium"

Margaret Zhang, California, Age 17 - "Straw Theory"

Talia Flores, Minnesota, Age 18 - "& soil"

Brad Trumpfheller, Massachusetts, Age 19 - "Scene from a Western


Carrie Zhang and Aidan Forster studied poetry with Cody Ernst in the 2015 Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program, alongside Ben Read, who studied poetry with Jackson Holbert. Margaret Zhang studied poetry with Chen Chen in the 2016 Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program, while Talia Flores studied fiction with Alexander Cendrowski in 2015. And we're so pleased to have Brad Trumpfheller on staff.


Additional congratulations to this year's Adroit-affiliated honorable mentions!

Margot Armbruster, Wisconsin

Ariella Carmell, California

Annabelle Crowe, North Carolina

Farah Ghafoor, Canada

Allison Huang, New Jersey

Christina Im, Oregon

Emmi Mack, Chicago

Nicole Seah, Singapore

Elizabeth Seri, California

Eloise Sims, Australia

Oriana Tang, New Jersey

Caroline Tsai, Indiana

Eli Winter, Texas

Alisha Yi, Nevada

Emily Yin, Massachusetts

Lisa Zou, Arizona