Best of Adroit: 16 Poems for Valentine's Day 2016 / by Aidan Forster

By Aidan Forster, Blog Editor

Happy Valentine's Day from The Adroit Journal! Here at Adroit, we love all writing, but poetry is our first love. To celebrate, we've compiled a list of sixteen of our favorite love poems from past issues. We've specifically aimed for different types, different flavors, different vibes, different manifestations, and different levels of love. This is no usual list, so whatever your plans are on this Valentine's Day, make sure this list is a part of them. 

DISCLAIMER: We do not encourage the utilization of these poems to 'woo.' You might not get the best results...

  "Pacemaker (Heart)" by Marc Sexton (Adroit Journal Issue 10)

"Pacemaker (Heart)" by Marc Sexton (Adroit Journal Issue 10)

1. "At Pegasus" by Terrance Hayes

"A young man slips his thumb / into the mouth of an old one, // & I am not that far away."


2. "The Green Hotel" by Matthew Thorburn

"We've left the familiar behind--far / from home, newly married--awake now / for twenty-seven hours and falling in love / with a country that never goes dark."


3. "On the Nights My Lover Dreams of Drowning" by Amber Rambharose

"I have learned // that there are times when the decision must be made not to cut / through muscle, to let shrapnel swim forever."


4. "Year Without Dusting" by Brandon Courtney

"She pours pot after pot into the tub, pours / blood-warm water over me."


5. "Renovation in the St. Cecelia School Gymnasium" by Lauren Berry

"For weeks, / the wet paint scent / surrounded / our white necks."


6. "How We Make Love" by Cheryl Julia Lee

"'Look! I made something! / I am not quite sure what it is, but look! / I made something.'"


7. "Kindling" by Sarah Rose Nordgren

"Better, // maybe, to leave him like this, / unfeeling and questionless."


8. "Orientalism" by Tory Adkisson

"Blood. Now is a time for romance, // comedy, maybe even a little / catharsis."


9. "The Twist" by Ian Burnette

"I remember it / like a bullet / remembers the bone."


10. "Fraternity" by Sam Sax

"& here I am: somewhere / in the middle of my life / in the middle of Texas..."


11. "As From the Corpse, No Door" by Diana Khoi Nguyen

"Pale girl, fat carcass; boy uncut, unhooved."


12. "Grime" by Jeanann Vertee

"Maybe it was the way we forced / our eyes to unscramble porn, or the sweetness / we discovered in the meat of each other's breasts / deep in our mouths."


13. "Love Poem for Scarecrow" by Kathleen Radigan

"Kissing you feels like leaves. / Fall is near."


14. "Equinox" by Siobhan Phillips

"For milk and the morning paper, I walk / down this crooked arm of road / around the woods."


15. "Demeter" by Michelle Chan Brown

"Once she was a drop of dark blood in a man's water / glass. Once, she made the primary artery in his neck // botch a tango." 


16. "Lament with Rhinestones and Wonder" by Stevie Edwards

"Say the glass pipe tasted like diamonds and Paris. / I'll listen."