We're With Her: An Election Statement by Brynne Rebele Henry / by Aidan Forster

  " Hang On " by Blythe King (The Adroit Journal, Issue Seventeen)

"Hang On" by Blythe King (The Adroit Journal, Issue Seventeen)

Donald Trump’s criminal, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, and frankly despicable behavior has been the cause of countless media scandals during this election season. But still, somehow, he has supporters, however unsuitable he is, despite that he is, as Hillary Clinton said, a literal plethora of deplorable beliefs, actions, and principles. Naturally, there are going to be people who stand for everything that is and has always been wrong with this country.

However, a Trump election would result in the kind of disaster that futuristic horror films are based on, leaving behind a terribly frightening future (or, given Trump’s remarks on nuclear war, potentially leaving nothing behind).  Possibly the only silver lining of this election is that it’s opened a discussion about sexual assault, harassment, and the things women deal with on a daily basis on a national level in response to Trump’s horrific comments and treatment of women and girls. This discussion is vital, and while it’s unfortunate that it’s because Trump is running for president, the discussion should not stop after the election, (hopefully after Clinton wins). We’re with Her. And we really, really hope you are too.