RAISE YOUR GLASS: The Adroit Journal Announces 2015 Pushcart Prize Nominees! / by Peter LaBerge

 "Underwood" by Itai Almor ( The Adroit Journal , Issue Twelve).

"Underwood" by Itai Almor (The Adroit Journal, Issue Twelve).

Each year, the editors are thrilled to nominate six extraordinary works from recent issues for publication in The Pushcart Prize Anthology: Best of the Small Presses. This year witnessed the toughest, most grueling discussion process in the journal's history.

We are enormously proud of these contributions, and wish these contributors the best of luck!


Alex Dimitrov, "Cocaine"

I almost believed love then someone new called me
and time’s been repeating. Time’s on like a show.


Dennis Hinrichsen, "Nights of Zhivago"

I carry your loneliness inside me like a horse, one
of those trotters from Zhivago...


Tyler Mills, "Marie Curie"

Some sentences escape me.
I take the sun and I throw it.


sam sax, "fraternity"

& here i am: somewhere
in the middle of my life


Alexandra Teague, "The Common Field"

My surname means dweller in the common field,
Irish but true...


Ocean Vuong, "Beginnings: New York"

On some nights, when I wasn’t so lucky, I would end up in Penn Station, a major underground railroad station on 34th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, right beneath Madison Square Garden. There I would hole up for the night and do my homework or (try) to write poems, often side-by-side with the regulars: homeless men and women who stay at the station for months, even years at a time.