Adroit Visits the 2014 NYC Poetry Festival, in Review / by Amanda Silberling

by Amanda Silberling

 Adroit NYCPF readers + Editor-in-Chief Peter LaBerge

Adroit NYCPF readers + Editor-in-Chief Peter LaBerge

This Saturday, The Adroit Journal read at the New York City Poetry Festival for the second year in a row. Despite a nerve-wracking rainfall just before Adroit was slated to take the stage, we're happy to report that our reading was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out to the reading, and of course, to the wonderful people at the Festival. We're so excited to return in 2015.

If you couldn't make the festival, don't worry! We have some awesome video, which may or may not have been recorded on an iPhone under an umbrella (rain is kind of bad for cameras, okay). 

Talin Tahajian

In time, when we open our mouths, entire aviaries will spill out. Leakage. A type of storm that matters in what you would call ‘the grand scheme of things.’
— Talin Tahajian


Sam Ross

I can’t even look at flies without feeling them in my mouth.
— Sam Ross


Caleb Kaiser

Days we were made of currents instead of veins, of clay and fresh-kill, I loved you enough to pulp my lungs into yours, to slip a straw between your ribs.
— Caleb Kaiser


J. Scott Brownlee

I put my skull in a polished bull’s mouth, and his fits perfectly outside like helmet.
— J. Scott Brownlee