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After My Mother's Wedding


Runner-Up for the 2012 Adroit Prize for Poetry
Judge: Chloe Honum


On the rusted back patio chairs we drank 
late into the evening, my brother and I; drank 
a cheap California red with a twist top, 
and talked about a woman we had seen outside 
the café that morning, a brunette in a bright 
yellow pea coat and bright red shoes--bright 
as a handful of flowers along a highway. 
We could not believe how beautiful she was, 
this woman, on that bike of hers. The motion 
of her knees rolling below the hem of her dress 
looked something like driftwood in a wave. 
I mentioned this before taking another drink 
and leaning back in my chair, toward 
the young orange tree (a wedding gift 
from my brother) in the large orange pot 
beside the table. Its branches, untouched 
by wind, hovered darkly in the air, like fingers 
grown apart from a hand. Then I stood up 
and staggered through the yard, under 
a shower of stars, to the old trampoline, 
climbing over its metal railing, and sinking 
into its weather-worn skin so I could see 
the neighboring houses. 



Nicholas Pierce was born in Bakersfield, California, and is currently a senior at Texas Tech University, where he studies creative writing and edits the school’s literary magazine, Harbinger. He has one previous publication, in the summer 2011 issue of Spillway