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Pyrus Pyrifolia


Honorable Mention for the 2012 Adroit Prize for Poetry
Judge: Chloe Honum


remember the pears 
yellowing sleeves speckled and 
smudged by emerald 
rough soles of bamboo 
your calloused feet like leather 
glassy ground aching 
weeds crusted by ice 
snow swooning like first lovers 
rhythm unsteady 
you were a fallen 
leaf a wooden bench idling 
against the spring brush 
i still remember 
later your ashes their ghost 
steps flurrying lost



Jessie Li attends Davidson College as a Belk Scholar and a Patricia Cornwell Scholar for Creative Writing. She is a member of the Philanthropic Literary Society and the president of Changing Minds, a campus group raising awareness on mental illness. She was previously the recipient of a National Scholastic Writing Portfolio Silver Medal. She enjoys running, reading, and playing piano in her spare time.