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Honorable Mention for the 2012 Adroit Prize for Poetry
Judge: Chloe Honum


No crueler temptation exists 
than the many reclusive, 
blinking eyes of Barcelona, 
where the winding deception 
of the streets 
encases me both in the 
past and the present. 
I followed my eyes here 
to capture 
the lifeless stone of your skeletons, 
but the rhythm of your beating heart 
has pulsed through my fingers 
and rendered my pencils useless. 
I count in reverse while I dwell here, 
and each day my spindling fingers 
lower one by one. 
And I wish for impossible limbs 
to provide me with one more pair of hands 
and ten more days 
to live like a human who has not yet learned to live 
within your crumbling walls. 
Your shattered boundaries 
keep me stranded and safe 
from what I long to escape to and from. 
For never would I dare defy the restless Mediterranean, 
with its many desperate hands and stoic silences. 
Nor the caverns that sigh between 
great, slanted, Pyrenees, 
where echoed screams reverberate 
for years before they meet the silent stone
and curved embrace 
of canyon depths. 
I fear for my shadow 
for my fingernails and follicles 
that will survive me should I find my fate 
where westward winds have carried 
all other fallen forms. 
Time will flow in reckless currents 
and snatch away the futures we do not firmly grasp. 
Such is our fate, lonesome seaside city, 
for though my feet carry me skyward, 
I wish to wake 
to one more sunrise 
among trolley cars and foreign tongues. 
I wish 
I could kick off my shoes 
and follow the future of the mountain springs 
and the circling gulls. 
I’ve hidden too much of myself 
resounding through cobbled ways 
and clipped to swaying laundry lines 
to ever truly depart.



Eliza Moley is currently a high school student living in Connecticut. She spends a considerable amount of her (increasingly limited) free time writing, directing films, and reading novels at a rapid pace. In the past year, she has attended a creative writing program offered by National Geographic, earned an honorable mention for the 2012 Adroit Prizes for her poem “Barcelona,” and acquired three regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Having fostered a love of poetry since the second grade, she is happy to divide her efforts between The Adroit Journal reading staff and her school’s literary magazine, Penumbra