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Columbia University, '16
2016 Adroit Prize for Poetry: Editors' List


This is a poem for two people
            on either strip of soil.  You, me,

ease irrelevant. The benign form of morning, 
            the white underparts of your arm

seeking warmth. I sat in your chair
            for a long time today. All the paintings

at the Cloisters and the only one I want
            to look at: the impression of a lion

restored to stone. This is for a cactus
            swelling hopefully with water. You, 

the impression, warmth in soil. Morning, 
            you, the one I want, seeking ease, 

swelling with water. I sat for a long time, 
            you, me, irrelevant. This, for two: 

the Cloisters, the cactus. The underparts
            stripped hopefully to form. I look

at your arm; water over me. Stone
            seeking soil. Today the impression

of my form with your form, shadows swelling
            white, voices outside the window, 

you easy for a long time. This is a poem
            to a cactus seeking warmth, painting

stone to soil. For two people sitting in water.



Serena Solin is a senior at Columbia University reading her way through the ecopoetry of contemporary African-American writers and writing some of her own on the side. A New Jersey native, she enjoys malls, barley tea, and yellow light.