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On Pork and Camellia


University of the Philippines - Diliman, '16
2015 Adroit Prize for Poetry: Honorable Mention


as if by cutting the meat
            you release its flowers –

frail parallel lines
            leaping through

a cliff & graze
            at sedimentation

crashing lightweight
            on plastic chopping

boards – hymn of fracture
                        wings, quiet

pornography of marble
            pushed into

a grinder –      
            whine & gristle
            of gunmetal
                        & mechanic

song of pre-germination,
see the veins

            of a hummingbird’s jaw
            bulge, nectar sluicing

through its hollow –

            behind the knees, soft
armpit & elbow

            in pulse,
            stretch marks betraying

as each tendril claws
             to form a nest,
                          peppered & salted

& palmed, laid
            to rest in antiquity

tattooing prisons
             on flesh,
                          a blooming

to baroque petals
             of rain, unsalted, as it hits

the murk of flood, hissing,
             how quick you took
                           me to heaven

and left me there.




Mariel Alonzo is an undergraduate student at the University of the Philippines - Diliman who used to study Mechanical Engineering. Some of her orphans have found refuge in journals such as Softblow, Toasted Cheese, Tower Journal, Santa Clara Review, blackmail press, and others. She is currently an intern blogger for Voices of Youth, UNICEF.